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Alice entertaining herself (and us)

Buley Rockholes - lurrrrrrvely

Will's tatt

Bye bye Litchfield!


Thursday: A travelling day

We got off to an early start today. After yesterday's heat, i felt an almost panicky desperation to pack up and get into our air-conditioned car before the sun got too far up. We drove towards the edge of the national park and had an early glorious swim at Buley Rockholes. The water was a great temperature and the setting idyllic and after the unsettling news of the night before, we were buoyed by the fact that the ranger had said that this place was one of the safer places to swim!

The rest of the day was taken up with lots of driving interspersed with food, water, money and phone card pit stops. We reached our goal site of Vince Connolly Rest Area, 60km west of Katherine. We were on a new road, the Victoria Highway, and heading in the direction of a new state, WA. We had that new energy and enjoyment that comes as we start a new phase of our trek. The rest area was great. Alice got straight into her usual digging in the dirt and foraging for interesting things. Unfortunately she collected a heap of prickly seed pods and needed tweezers and a washing down after but she didn't seem to be too put out. Will checked the toilets out - from a distance he guessed they were pit toilets but they turned out to be some other type of chemical system. Yes, this is of interest when you are travelling. I reckon he could write a good essay on the finer points (and pit falls) of toilets in travelling. Pip finished reading the fourth Harry Potter after many weeks of devoted reading time. Ben and I appreciated the surrounding bush and birds whilst reclining on our new chairs. I've said it before, and I'll say it again, we love free bush camps!

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