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Ferry across the Mekong

Buddha at Wat Phu

Bridge on the way

Stairs up to sacred spring

Back onto the bus to go to Vat Phu temple.

Great transportation journey

Lao bus to ferry over the Mekong (see boat construction above) into large tuk tuks over narrow brideges.

Vat Pho Museum was nicely marked with narrative. Area was greatly influenced by Khmer in earlier times.

Good warm up for the Cambodia trip later this week.

Climbed up the stairs to the temples. Stairs were large gray stones shaped to fit togeather. Covered with moss. Fortunately it was not raining so they were "only" a little slippery.

Saw my first aspara "gorgeous temptress born during the churning of the Sea of Milk".

Back to the ferry, tuk tuk surprized us by driving onto the ferry over two narrow planks with 12 large farangs on the tuk tuk.....bounce splash bounce!

Bought gum and cookies from the boat girls.

Back to Pakse for lunch on the boat and saying goodbye to our 31 newest world textile friends!

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