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Sunset from Row 1

Bristol Nationwide

Nice day in the campground with bunches of friends joining us. A Busch race but with a pretty sunset and lousy finish. Funny story after we got back and discovered our cooler had been stolen by a bunch of ETSU students having a pool party, in a sub-division next to us. They were dumping the coolers in the back of one of their cars, I guess to take back to school. Our resident campground cop from Atlanta saw them as we got to camper and he and Rich, naturally, went running off after them. After getting his breath Rich shouted for them all to stay where they were, causing an immediate evacuation. He caught 2 of the boys and forced, volunteered, them to carry our stuff back. He fell down the hill but would not admit to any injury. After sorting everything out, took an hour, we discovered that we had 2 other campers stuff, and finally got that back around midnight after much searching. Racing night became "Night of the stolen coolers".

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