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It was around 4:30 this morning when I awoke to the sound like a “Thump…Thump…Thump!

It sounded to me as if someone was pounding on the door or even on the side of an RV.

The sound repeated several moments later but maybe a bit farther away. I wondered if something were wrong and people were being awakened due to an emergency of some kind.

At 5:00, I got out of bed and dressed, then opened a window and listened closely to the “Thump” sound.

Then I realized that it was the sound of artillery fire from Ft Carson, which is nearby.

Along with the occasional sound of a low flying helicopter, I would call it the sound of freedom.

Marilyn was awake by this time and asked if I was ready for some coffee. “Sure!”

Marilyn fixed a nice breakfast to go with the coffee and we were soon ready to get started on our chores.

Marilyn stayed indoors to do laundry and clean the RV.

I went outdoors after making the bed. I took trash to the dumpster, then began getting the basement and the truck bed items, straightened and stored.

I managed to lube the fifth wheel hitch and then backed up the truck, connected the electric cable and the co-ax for the rear view camera. We had the connector repaired and I needed to check it out. The camera works fine now and that makes me happy.

As the sun began to make it quite warm outdoors, I went back inside to join Marilyn in relaxing for a bit.

I nearly fell asleep but wanted to fix one of my favorite dishes for Marilyn to enjoy. A late lunch or early dinner, take your choice, consisted of Jimmy Dean Hot Sausage, browned and crumbled, with onions, sliced potatoes, and shredded cabbage. I added just a bit of salt & pepper, a bit of freshly ground red & black peppercorn, and a tablespoon of garlic.

We pretty much finished off this food and then settled down in the comfort of the air conditioning, to read and relax.

We accomplished a lot of work today and are one day closer to being on the road again.

Life is Good!

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