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This morning I slept in. I thought I woke up at 9 but it was actually 10 AM. So, not going anywhere too speedily today. I must have been tired because I didn't hear a thing! Lee worked on pictures this morning so that was good because we still haven't caught up with this Trip Journal but we have been making amazing progress.

We finally decided we didn't want to work inside all day today. Yesterday Lee worked on the remodeling in the bedroom almost all day and I cleaned house, washed clothes and worked on a recipe book project. Facebook has rendered me trying out all kinds of new recipes so I had to add on to my book. I would just keep them online but since I've lost them a couple times, now they are also in books!

Anyway after breakfast we decided to head over to the Laurance S. Rockefeller Preserve as we haven't ventured that way yet. The preserve was donated by Rockefeller but previously it was used as a family retreat for many years. We didn't know quite what to expect but I packed some snacks in case we were starving before we left which is exactly what happened so I was glad I was prepared. Lee packed his bear spray and camera and we were off.

As we were driving toward the preserve Lee spotted a huge bull moose under the bridge that goes over the Snake River right outside of the Discovery Center in Moose. So, we turned around to get some pictures. We've seen this guy many times as he lives on a little island under the bridge but it has been hard to get good pictures of him because he likes to hide in the tall grass. Today he was right out in the open and we both got great shots of him.

He was right in the middle of the water getting a drink and there was the usual crowd of tourists on the bridge with cameras snapping away. They need to add two lanes to the bridge because he has traffic backed up any time he decides to get up out of the woods and step into the water where people can see him. He put on quite a show for all of us and we got some awesome pictures!

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