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Plane flying overhead

The Gun Fight Preliminaries




The MC

Honoring the Veterans

The Start of the Show

The Bad Guy

Gun Fire

In Memory of Lost Fire Fighters



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The airplane flight overhead

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Announcer introduces the program

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The trial

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The gunfight

We decided that we should stop to see the Gun Fight on the Square today. They have this every day, I believe. Anyway, we stood with the rest of the group waiting for the show to begin. A plane started flying overhead and it was blowing out a ton of gray smoke as it flew along. We wondered if they were spraying something on the ground to prevent a forest fire since they were flying in the area where the fireworks would be held.

Just as the show was about to start, we started feeling rain drops. When it got a little heavier, I deserted Lee and went under the cover of one of the shops. Lee stayed put like a trooper and took pictures. At least it wasn't a downpour like earlier in the morning and it didn't last long so the show was not interrupted.

Since it was the 4th of July, they did a special thanks to the veterans in the audience and had them all come forward and stand at a podium in the front. The cast then sang America.

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