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Chiloquin, OR - Collier Memorial State Park - site B16

Chiloquin, OR - Collier Memorial State Park - site B16, another view

Chiloquin, OR - Collier Memorial State Park - site B16, and another

Chiloquin, OR - Collier Memorial State Park - site B16 - we...

There were also a lot of Chipmunks - notice the difference -...

Redmond to Chiloquin, OR 0 - our route - 121 miles

Redmond to Chiloquin, OR 1 - not sure what this was all...

Redmond to Chiloquin, OR 2 - we saw two groups of these...

Redmond to Chiloquin, OR 3 - going through La Pine, OR

Redmond to Chiloquin, OR 4 - this is the second group -...

Redmond to Chiloquin, OR 5 - nice looking restorations though

Redmond to Chiloquin, OR 6 there was a little up and down...

Crater Lake 0 - our route - 114 miles

Crater Lake 1 - the trip to Crater Lake was mostly through...

Crater Lake 2

Crater Lake 3

Crater Lake 4 - the poles letting the snow plows know where...

Crater Lake 5 - some of the formations around the rim

Crater Lake 6 - that is Annie Falls you can almost see...

Crater Lake 7 - our first view of Crater Lake - WOW!!!

Crater Lake 8

Crater Lake 9

Crater Lake 10 - a Stellar Jay at one of the turnouts

Crater Lake 11 - and another one

Crater Lake 12 - and a few Golden Mantle Ground Squirrels

Crater Lake 13 - some of the views from the crater rim...

Crater Lake 14

Crater Lake 15

Crater Lake 16 - we believe that is Klamath Lake

Crater Lake 17 - notice how the color changes depending on the...

Crater Lake 18 - some formations on the inside of the rim

Crater Lake 19

Crater Lake 20 - later in the afternoon, the lake looks different...

Crater Lake 21

Crater Lake 22 - as the clouds go away, the brilliant blue...

Crater Lake 23

Crater Lake 24

Crater Lake 25

Crater Lake 26

Crater Lake 27 - the Phantom Ship

Crater Lake 28

Crater Lake 29 - our first view of the Pinnacles

Crater Lake 30

Crater Lake 31

Crater Lake 32 - more of them across the ravine

Crater Lake 33 - a beautiful bright teal tree on the other...

Crater Lake 34 - more pinnacles on the other side

Crater Lake 35 - the end of the trail as well as...

Crater Lake 36 - they also have these huge boulders marking the...

Crater Lake 37 - heading back down the mountain

Crater Lake 38 - going through Chiloquin

Crater Lake 39

It was an easy 121 miles south from Redmond to Chiloquin, OR. The whole drive was through various National and State Forests so there wasn't much to see but trees and more trees with the highway running through them.

We are staying at the Collier Memorial State Park just outside Chiloquin. We have a full hook up back-in site with 50 amps, good Verizon and I was finally able to find the satellite through the trees so all is good!!

Tuesday, we headed for Crater Lake National Park. The park is only about 35 miles from the campground but there is also a 32 mile Rim Road going around the lake and we also had a 14 mile side trip to The Pinnacles for our hike along them making for a long day. But it was all worth it!! The lake is absolutely beautiful, especially on a clear day when you have bright blue skies. I took about a million pictures but lucky for you I didn't include them all!!

Wednesday and Thursday we relaxed around the campground and did the camping thing. It was great to just do nothing!!

Chiloquin was our last stop in Oregon as we go to Redding, CA tomorrow from which we plan on seeing Lassen Volcanic National Park and maybe a few other things.

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