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Ferry coming through the gap - Ischia

Ischia coastline


Fuelling in Sorrento

Mt Vesuvius from Hotel Exelsior Sorrento

Dali exhibition

Dali exhibition 2

Dali exhibit 3

Dali exhibit 4

dali exhibit 5

Marquetry museum

Marquetry museum 2

Amalfi - Whilst flopping whale like up onto the transom - part of my strength training after holding my breath checking the drive units while the boat rolled and rolled on the mooring off Positano – I saw my earring drop off onto the deck (lucky save!) and with my pidgeon Italian I asked the jeweller in Amalfi the next day if they could fix it. Two weeks or peace be with you was his answer....

Sorrento - Not wanting to leave the earring with them in case we never returned (which we haven’t) our next stop was in Sorrento. In all my time around these here parts, I never quite made it to Sorrento, but it was worth the wait to get into the marina. The long steps and roadway up into town was all worth the view and the boss even let me park on the fuel dock so I could take a picture of us annoying the locals. While waiting for the return of the guests from their foray at Pompeii, the boss and I had lunch at a hotel that looks out over the Bay of Naples and at the imposing visage of Mt Vesuvius.

I had a half hour up my sleeve so I took off up to the top of town to visit the Dali exhibition that had been advertised at the Villa Fiorentino, apparently the guy who organised it in the villa was on good terms with the weird one and all the collection is his and some of the most impressive works to see including sketches and glasswork I never knew about. Larger versions of the items on exhibition were scattered all around town and quite frightening to small children I would think to see the piano with can-can legs in the gardens. On the way back to the boat, I came across a little museum just opened for the summer, where they had an elderly man and his jigsaw machine cutting out layers of finest veneer timbers for the inlaid music boxes and furniture that is such a big industry here. He was quite charming and was chattering away in his very best Italish trying to explain how he was doing it.

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