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Palace and Gardens of San Isidora in La Granja




Our hotel, Ayala Berganza, a former palace

The spectacular Roman Aqueduct, circa 50AD







Aqueduct in the evening.

View of Segovia in the early evening.

Dale tries the local specialty, baked beans. Good thing we had the...

All the rage in Spain - funky frozen yogurt shops.


Our favourite breakfast in the shadows of the Aqueduct.

The beautiful Cathedral of Segovia

Typical pattern found on the houses

Through the old town

View of the countryside


Heading down to the river valley...

...for a view of the Alcazar

Up close at the Alcazar

The empty moat

Inner courtyard and canon

How did knights see out of this stuff?

Or their horses?


Obviously not made for walking!

Lots of stained glass

A ceiling

Nuggets of rock to keep everything stable

On the ramparts

Not sleeping beauty!

An inner courtyard

View of Segovia and the Cathedral from the roof of the Alcazar.

A pointy house

A cold beer after a hot day of sightseeing

At Di Vino

Night views - the cathedral...

...the countryside

...the old town and city wall

...the Alcazar

A Klezmer concert!

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A Klezmer Concert Below the Cathedral

Next stop on our mini tour was Segovia but as it was only a short drive from Salamanca, we took a detour and stopped in the town of La Granja to see the Palacio de San Isidora. The palace and gardens were designed by the same guy who did the Palace of Versailles. It was a beautiful day so we skipped the tour inside the palace and instead spent a relaxing morning strolling through the gardens. It is a lovely place with formal gardens, fountains and some natural forested areas. It would be spectacular to see when the fountains are all running (only twice a week). Headed to Segovia, a city just N. of Madrid yesterday afternoon and checked into our cheap but cheerful hotel, the Hotel Ayala Berganza. Charming, nothing fancy but clean, really well located and apparently built in the 15th century as a palace! No stressful parking issues today but we still enjoyed a beer in the courtyard before heading out to see the sites. The old town in Segovia is also a Unesco World Heritage Site and one of the main attractions is the well preserved Roman Aqueduct, built around 50AD. It is an amazing structure and we spent yesterday afternoon walking along, around and through it taking photos. We had a great meal on a terrace overlooking the city and Dale tried the local specialties of baked beans (they were huge!) and roast suckling pig. Today we explored the rest of the Old Town. There is a beautiful Cathedral in the main plaza but the highlight of the city for us is the Alcazar, a turreted castle that looks like something out of a fairy tale. There is actually some speculation that Disney based his Sleeping Beauty castle on the Alcazar of Segovia. We walked down to the river valley to get a view of it from below and then did the audio guided tour. An amazing building inside and out! Last night we had another great meal in a funky restaurant called Di Vino before heading back to the Alcazar for a night view. On the way back to our hotel we came across a lively outdoor concert below the walls of the Cathedral. The entire town seemed to be out listening to what sounded to us like Klezmer music (with a Spanish flair)! Tomorrow we're off to stay in a restored castle!

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