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Starting to load the Camper Tank

Jane reorganized the inside of the CT

Heading out....

We stopped at Wal-Mart to pick up a few last minutes supplies

Heading West!

Leaving Winnipeg behind.....

Just Passing the Red River Exhibition Park on PTH 1

Looking for the Sidney Sign

Canary Seed off in the distance [Yellow Field]

The flat open road

Cruising right along....

Red Light at Elie Manitoba

Just approaching Portage laPrairie MB

Continue to head west

Just coming up to the Junction of PTH 1 and PTH 16

Pth 16 to Saskatoon SK sign

Finally >> Shady Oaks turn off Sign

Shady Oaks Office

Shady Oak Office

Shady Oaks Office

Setting up our Camp Site in D1

Another View of our weelend home....

Sunday Morning - Jane assisting with cooking breakfast

Sunday Breakfast - Eggs and Sauages

Just Me!

Jane Relaxing with a cup of Green Tea

Jane starting to do up the dishes

Bob cleaning the stove

Sitting in the CT playing cards..... Nice and warm

Sitting in the CT playing cards..... Nice and warm

a View towards the cabin across the lane from us

Still raining outside

Time for a nap!

Cooking supper using the stove

Jane assisting with the cooking

Steak and yam potatoes

mmmmmmm just melted in your mouth

Breakfast for Monday Morning - Hard boiled eggs

Jane napping

Trying to get a fire started with damp wood

We have smoke!!

And Flames....

Flames getting highter as smoke goes away

Fire is going good now....

Jane brought out some chips for a snack as we enjoy the...

Opps! Where the flames go..... hahaha!

Fire is back

Looking after the fire

Bob - Just from the glow of the fire

Bob and Jane - Just from the glow of the fire

Jane - Just from the glow of the fire

Using the IPhone camera flash

Tieing up the dinning tent for the night

Shuffling the wood around to burn quicker

Starting breakfast Monday morning

Frying the yams potatoes

Hamberger pattie and yams for breakfast - Left overs.....

Monday Morning Breakfast

Taking down the dinning tent

D1 site is cleaned up and we are ready to depart the...

The road to the campgrounds

Shady Oaks Playgrounds for children

Last Minute Pit Stop....

The last view of the Shady Oaks Office from the highway

Shady Oak's communication tower

Just coming up to Austin Manitoba

Utility Trailers for sale

Passing Mac Gregor Manitoba now....

Days Inn - Portage laPrairie by pass

Continuing to head East now

Junction of PTH 1 and PTH 13

Almost back home....

Just passing the closed weigh station in Headingley Manitoba

Passing the Husky Truck Stop - Headingley Manitoba

Back at StorageVille in Winnipeg Manitoba

Jane going to back the CT into its parking spot.

Moving back slowly

Parked perfectly between the two white markers

Jane at the controls of the CT

August 2, 2013:

I started the long weekend at 6:15 AM.... I just finished a night shift at work. Unfortunately, I need to go home and get some sleep first off.

I picked Jane up at approximately 5 PM. Then we headed over to StorageVille to pick up the Camper Tank. Then we headed back to Jane's place and put all the 4 X 8 Plywood off the sides into the garage. Once that was finished Jane went inside and packed a weekend bag to take with us. I had made prior arrangement with the land lady to park the CT in the visitor parking at my apartment block over night.

August 3, 2013:

Jane came over to the apartment after she had finished her shift at the Deer Lodge Hospital. We spent the next two hours reorganizing the CT. All the un-necessary items were placed in my storage locker in the basement. We move the couch / bed from the driver's side front to the very rear of the CT. The dresser is now where the couch use to be. This way made the CT more live able for now, with more storage under the bed.

We headed out shortly before noon hour. We made a quick stop at Wal-Mart to pick up some last minute items we need to get by on this weekend. Then it was open highway after that.

We arrived at the Shady Oak RV Resort at approximately 3 PM. No problems checking in. We were advised that we got 8 hours of free Wi-Fi first to start and then the rest was purchased on a pay as you go card. We also purchased one bag of wood for $8.00.

So with map in hand we headed for our camp site D1. It was relative easy to find. We were the next camp site right behind two cabins, with a short walk to the bathrooms. We checked out our campsite and noticed the people in D2 had their picnic table in our campsite so I assisted the lady to move it over to their campsite. They are camping in a 5 man tent with a 4 or 5 year daughter.

Jane and I decided the best level area to park the CT in... So I backed the CT in amongst the trees. At that time we realized we had no picnic table on out site. So when the manager brought our wood to us by ATV we asked him about the picnic table. He advised us that we were late arrivals and he was sorry, but the picnic tables were all used up by now.

Once Jane and I put our dinning tent up, we just took the table and chairs out of the CT to use in the dinning tent. Then we unloaded all of our tubs into the dinning tent and proceed to make supper. After supper we did up the dishes, then just sit and relaxed for the evening around an open fire. At least we had a fire drum.....

August 4, 2013:

We woke up at 7 AM to rain.... At least the dining tent was still standing. The roof was filling in with water so we lifted the roof and dumped out the water and raised the top even higher to prevent more water build up. We used the propane stove to make breakfast and heat water on. After breakfast we enjoy a nice cup of Tim Horton's green tea and just listened to the rain out side. I was thankful we had the tent to get out of the rain. After our tea had finished the rain had slowed down so we make a trip to the bathroom for a shower. It continued to rain all day.... I was thankful for having the CT. We put the heater on to take the chill out of the air and spent hours playing cards, and having a few naps thrown in between card games.

About 3 PM our neighbours in D2 decided to call it quits, pack up the tent and miscellaneous camping items and head home. They said it was no fun being in a small tent with a little one. They also express a fear of the heater getting tipped over. It continue to rain all day. It slowed down towards the evening so we put the flap of the dinning tent up and sat under it to keep dry. Thankfully I had placed the rest of our firewood under the CT to keep it dry on Saturday night. Tonight, I plan to burn the rest of the wood, since we are leaving tomorrow. The wood was just a bit damp so at first we got more smoke then we got flames..... We headed to bed around 11 PM.

August 5, 2013:

It was still raining lightly when we woke up. Once again, we are thankful for having the dinning tent with us. We used the stove to cook breakfast on, then do dishes. It had stopped raining and it looked like the sun might come out. By time it was to fold the tent up it had completed dried... We were lucky for that.

We pulled out of the campgrounds by 12:30 PM. Check out time was at 12 PM, but management said not to worry about being a bit late leaving. Once back in Winnipeg I stopped and put $25.00 worth of gas into the CT. Then over to Jane's place to put the things we stored in the garage earlier back in the CT. We headed back to StorageVille to parked the CT. Once there I asked Jane is she wanted to park the CT. It took her a couple of attempts, she did an excellent job parking it between the two white markers. That was the end of our long weekend in the CT!

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