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The Stage for Music on the Main

Some of the vendors setting up

Mary with her new hat for shade

Opening Act - Jeanne Jolly

Jeanne Jolly


Vagabond Opera



Cello Player


You've never heard sounds like these from an accordian

Some of the crowd

Bunches of people stood in front of the stage - would be...




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We ran some errands in Jackson this morning and had lunch at the Pearl Street Market. Then we headed back home to regroup before we headed to Victor, Idaho for their Music on the Main. It is a free concert although they do ask for donations.

When we arrived they were still setting up for the concert so we found a wonderfully close place to park the truck for a change. Then we did some walking around town which didn't take too long because it isn't a large town. However, we stopped in a couple of shops and I found the perfect hat for boating or hiking. I have been looking everywhere for something that would shade my neck and would have a cord that fastened under my chin so it wouldn't blow off. I found some that I liked previously but somehow I was unwilling to pay $60 or $70 for a hiking hat! This little shop that has a famous soda fountain had the perfect hat for $30. Lee said I looked like a Audrey Hepburn when she played in "Charade" with Cary Grant. That's probably because we were both wearing huge sunglasses and an enormous hat so you couldn't see our faces! Anyway for my purposes the hat is perfect! I wore it at the concert for awhile to keep the sun off my neck.

The opening act was Jeanne Jolly who has an excellent voice. She just recorded her first album called "Angels". She is from Raleigh, North Carolina. She has one of those voices that has an excellent range and I would say, she sings like an angel so her album title is appropriate although I believe she dedicated to her mother who passed away recently.

Then the main act Vagabond Opera came on stage. They are a Bohemian neo-cabaret gypsy pop ensemble and they play a combination of cabaret, burlesque, tango, Balkan beats, Klezmer, rock, Arabian music, and Parisian hot jazz and they sing in 14 languages. They looked like a gypsy band which is kind of what we thought they would be like. However, their voices were opera quality and the musicians were fantastic, especially the cello and the saxophone players. Then the guy who played the accordion played that thing like no one we have ever heard before. The beautiful sounds that came out of that thing were fabulous. They are quite a group out of Portland, Oregon.

We loved the performance. The one and only drawback was that the people here love to stand in front of the stage to be a part of the concert which would be okay if they would raise the stages to be above most people's heads. All of us sitting in our chairs could not see anything but the tops of the performers heads at some points because there was such a crowd down front and some of them had kids sitting on their shoulders further obstructing the view.

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