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The Highlands

The serving area

The dining room

Housing for NPS seasonal employees

Bubba's BBQ catered lunch


Roxanne, Carla Rosenbaum and Lee

Fellow Volunteers Gary & Carla and Us

Roxanne Bierman, our boss


Gary & Carla

Lots of volunteers with NPS

Roxanne and Me

The National Park Service had a luncheon for their volunteers and the Grant Teton Association volunteers were invited also. The woman who hired us, Roxanne Bierman, invited us and the other volunteers that she hired this summer, Gary and Carla. The event was held at The Highlands. Bubbas catered the event so the food was really good.

It was really interesting to hear about what all the volunteers for the National Park Service did. Some just ride the bike trails all day helping folks out along the way and patroling. Others do weed control of noxious prolific weeds. Some walk the trails looking for and identifying animals and letting the rangers know where bears are. Others work in the Visitors' Centers and stores. Some give programs for visitors. As you can see, there are quite a group of volunteers.

This was the Grand Teton's Association's first year for hiring volunteers. Everyone else is paid. Hopefully, we did a good enough job that they will hire more next year. We get a kick out of telling fellow works to enjoy the rest of the week as we leave on Wednesday after work. Of course, they are getting paid and we aren't but still we have so much more time to explore the area than they do. Most of them though have been coming back year after year.

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