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Marilyn & I have been talking about where we might want to live if we decide to hang up the keys and get off the road some day.

We have considered Florida (Too Hot & Humid in the summers), Texas, (Same as Florida plus lots of wind), Arizona, (Too Hot in the summer), and Colorado.

Colorado wins except that Dec, Jan & Feb are colder than we like.

However, the rest of the year in Colorado is pretty good, and even the cold months are not terrible here in Colorado Springs.

This location also wins in the area of being closer to “home” which we consider to be where our family is located. In our case that is northeast Missouri.

So when the time comes for us to sell the RV and truck, we’ll start looking at Condos in a Senior community.

There are several (More than 10) here in the Springs area so this is where we will probably begin.

We made a run into town today, where Marilyn weighed in for her monthly WW thing.

We turned in some DVD’s at Blockbuster and picked up some supplies at the Safeway Store.

We made a call to Jennifer and had a nice long conversation with her.

We are missing the grandkids and our daughter and son-in-law, and look forward to getting back in Missouri in a couple of weeks.

Marilyn has the outside area of our Site looking good, in preparation for a Carry-In Brunch tomorrow morning.

While she worked on that, I changed out the whole house water filter. That improved the water pressure for sure! LOL

I also took care of some business and put paperwork in the mail.

Later in the evening we drove to Old Colorado City, this time with Mike & Marian on board, to attend church.

This was the night for the Ice Cream Social at the Campground, so we wasted no time getting back.

The Campground was full for the weekend so there were lots of people who showed up for ice cream.

Back in the RV we relaxed for the evening. More fun tomorrow with the Brunch.

Life is Good!

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