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Good grief - here's the main cause of a very sleepless night

The photographer's hand still a bit shaky as we beg the sun...

A vulture eagle has us confused - what is it really?

Slow, easy take-off - this beautiful fish eagle we see daily.

Another charge - already?

Grazing peacefully on the Katuma flood plain

Hello - a young male from the 'Chada' pride checks us over

His ladies make a slow move to reposition their view of a...

The tail switch givs away an otherwise calm exterior

Yep - time to move

Nothing at Ruaha prepared us for the night noises at Katavi. Discussion with Nick over breakfast clarified the events but at the time we were really scared. First a hippo passed our banda/tent foraging and farting which made us a little uneasy. Had just settled back down when a lion passed through camp roaring at an unbelievable decibel then the elephant arrived to eat the marula fruit from the tree overhanging our banda. At the time we thought the rubbing up against the tree sounded like a big cat dragging a kill in – unfettered imagination is a wonderful thing. After all this a door mouse started playing with the decorative mahogany seeds on the bedhead. No electricity for lights so Bob reluctantly conducted a torch light search of the tent, which was basically a collection of flyscreens with a few bits of canvas holding them together. Our safety briefings had warned us not to shine torches at animals – it tends to upset them and lets them know exactly where you are. Overall not a lot of sleep last night.

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