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The adults of the elephant family move across the river with confidence

Mum stops briefly and calls the kids across

The kids aren't too sure, some big toes dipping in the water

They play around the edge of the river, in and out, but...

Mum wades back into the river and thrashes the water to get...

Finally they take the plunge!

We're not sure who startled who the most - but our driver...

After you, sir - the road's all yours!

Nice little warty giving us a smile!

Another croc gracefully shimmers past - still too close for me!

The elephants trying to get the kids across the river were immensely entertaining - and a tad less frightening than meeting a hippo at the side of the road. We stopped between it and the river assuming it had heard us and it was just strolling along unconcerned until it looked up and saw us. It stopped dead in its tracks with a surprised look on its face, reversed back the way it was coming, stared at us and snorted it's very clear displeasure before walking a little further down the road before crossing. Thankfully Kevin read all the signs of a potentially deadly charge and moved the vehicle back to give it more room.

A little later on we were beer in hand by an open fire with Nick as we watched the sunset followed by a great dinner, again with our host Nick. We learn that we are the only guests in the camp during our stay for another 3 nights. Katavi camp is much more than we could have hoped for.

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