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A sleepy lioness rests with her four fat cubs

She's wary, but also quite relaxed.

Feed time for the cubs, they'll be tucked away in the roots...

A couple of little devils attempt a wobbly run - they don't...

We're getting used to the mock charges from these guys - sort...

Another visit to say hello to our favourite leopard

Looking nicely relaxed and beautifully balanced on his best viewing branch

A big snorter takes a dip nearby

Mum's on the other side of the river and is having no...

Patience ran out-Mum heads back into the river and thrashes her trunk...

Afternoon drive with Meresu, a Masai guide, and driver Kevin where we saw more hippo and crocs which Katavi is famous for, particularly as the dry season progresses. The lioness with her four fat little wobbly cubs was another incredible experience. Still more pics follow this lot - including some more of the elephant herd struggling to get their young ones to follow them across the river. Very entertaining!

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