Rourke Peru Trip 2013 travel blog

On the border between Peru and Bolivia.

Cathedral in Copacabana

Car being blessed.


Have to get a snack.

Peanuts and popcorn anyone?




Isle Del Sol

Shaman blessing us.

Back to Peru.

We headed to Copacabana Bolivia and Isle Del Sol. When we arrived in Bolivia we had to clear immigration. It is a little shady. If you are a US Citizen you have to pay $135 in crisp new US bills. If the bills have any tears or marks or weird folds they won't accept it. We had one couple that it took four times to get their bills exchanged and accepted. Once they take your money, they just throw it in a drawer with all this cash. Strange........

Anyway, we went by the Cathedral (every town, village, or city has a church or cathedral that is the center square) and saw the cars being blessed. They pour beer all over the car and sprinkle it with confetti and decorate it. The cars are lined up around the block to be blessed.

We then headed to Isle Del Sol. It was so beautiful. We walked all around the island and were blessed by a Shaman for safe travels.

Back to Puno for our last night.

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