Finally, Cape Cod, check that off the Bucket List!

With expense cuts, Rangers aren't always there to greet you.

But the grounds are neat and clean

The office, store and game room

we got one of the best sites, huge, roomy.

as you'll see our patio is roomy, and comes with ready friends....

Our friends need to be feed, well, maybe not, but they beg...

sunflower seed and peanuts, yummy !

Dave puts Massacheusetts on the map, YEA !

We've got a great start on adding the New England States

Bambi is excited about it, too.

NOTE: This one puts us over 300 stops on our Traveling Adventure!!!

Needless to say the drive from West Kingston, RI to Rochester, MA is a quick 75 miles. This is our first time to this Outdoor World park, Gateway to Cape Cod. Our first impression is good. With all the usual amenities we’ve come to expect in parks within our system of Thousand Trails.

We are here for two weeks, with many expectations to see several interesting places. First on our minds is a visit to Plymouth Rock. It is there, that we hope to discover more information about Dave’s Grandfather Edward Fuller, 11 generations ago landed with the rest of the Pilgrims of the Mayflower on Dec 24, 1620. Edward Fuller brought his wife, Ann and youngest son, Samuel but also Edwards 5 yr. younger brother Dr. Samuel came, having left his wife, Bridget, in England.

Other places we want to see are the towns of Scituate and Barnstable, towns the Fuller's lived in later as the community developed. Of course, we’ll drive the length of Cape Cod and maybe see Martha’s Vineyard too.

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