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Trail to Murie Ranch


Wild Flowers Along The Way


Sage Brush

Views along the path



More wild flowers




Another cabin on the Murie Property

Home of The Muries

Information Booth for the Dude Ranch

One of many of the Dude Ranch Cabins


The Gathering Place for the Dude Ranch

Another Dude Ranch Cabin

More Wild Flowers




After visiting the DVC, we took the short hike to Murie Ranch which is located behind the DVC.

The Murie Ranch Historic District is also known as the STS Dude Ranch and Stella Woodbury Summer Home. According to Wikipedia, "The district is chiefly significant for its association with the conservationists Olaus Murie, his wife Margaret (Mardy) Murie and scientist Adolph Murie and his wife Louise. Olaus and Adolph Murie were influential in the establishment of an ecological approach to wildlife management, while Mardy Murie was influential because of her huge conservation victories such as passing the Alaska National Interest Lands Conservation Act of 1980 and being awarded with the highest civilian honor, the Presidential Medal of Freedom, for her lifetime works in conservation. Olaus Murie was president of the Wilderness Society, and was an advocate for the preservation of wild lands in America."

There is a trail from the DVC over to the Murie Ranch and the former Dude Ranch. We enjoyed walking over in the sunshine and taking pictures of the wildflowers and the scenery. On the way home, the sun disappeared behind clouds and we quickly returned back to the DVC arriving there just as the clouds let loose. We waited out the downpour in the Gift Store and after it stopped we headed on home.

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