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Bison Herd Traffic Jam on Gros Ventre Road







This morning we headed out for brunch and ate at e.leaven Bakery and Cafe. We also made a trip to the Public Library as we had reserved the book "Killing Lincoln" and we needed to pick it up. It is so nice to have a library that keeps a ton of books on CD available. After that we did some shopping.

Lee is in the midst of a remodeling project in the bedroom. We are removing the padding and upholstery from the cornices and we are going to replace them and the shades. Since I am allergic to dust mites, it is time that we get rid of these places that they love to survive. So, we ended up purchasing a new bedspread and a RCA 22" Flatscreen TV to replace the one we now have. We are hoping to have this bedroom project done before we leave Wyoming. I'd like to do the living room too but that will have to wait awhile.

We stopped for groceries on the way home. As we neared the campground we ran into the normal traffic jam of bison trying to cross the road. It is fun to see the little ones as they are growing up.

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