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Royal hunting Palace (Stupinigi) outside of Torino

The great room of the hunting palace

The stag that formerly sat atop the hunting palace

We spent an enjoyable final day in Torino! We used the TO bikes to ride about 15 km to the Royal Hunting Palace, which is just outside the city limits. I imagine that when it was built, the city was a good distance away. We did a quick tour of the interior and were amazed at the " over-decorating"! Every wall and ceiling had some ornamental work. You could easily imagine the royal family entertaining their hunting parties in those rooms.

We were fortunate to meet a local fellow who gave us directions for taking a cycling path, mainly along the river, back to our hotel, since we had gotten out there on some fairly busy streets.

I tried to do some shopping later that afternoon, but most stores are closed on Sunday, so still no Italian Leather shoes for me!

W meet the remaining soccer players for drinks and snacks, then went out for supper. if you are ever in Torino, don't both going to a place called American Graffiti, just stick to the Italian food.

We then progressed to the closing ceremonies for the Games, but the formal part was over and only the dance party remained going. We stayed for a bit, but had to be at the train station for 7:00 Monday morning, so went home to pack and sleep.

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