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Adore the vervets - very fluffy, very cute, and no bother to...

Even the baboons weren't interested in coming too near - these guys...

Our first 'mock charge' experience - bit frightening until you get used...

The big and so beautiful Greater Kudu

Handsome young male, taking it easy in the warm sun

Everything under control, right? No sudden moves please.

A magnificent baobab tree - really beautiful

Impala - there might be millions around, but every one of them...

Our trusty Maruti safari vehicle - very reliable thank goodness!

The fascinating 'sausage tree' - gorgeous!

We woke at 2:30 and spent quite a long time listening to elephants grazing, hippos snorting, lions roaring and many strange noises that we couldn’t identify all backed by the flowing river at our doorstep. After chatting we finally dozed off and woke again at 6 to watch the sunrise from our bed.

Full breakfast and then a full days game drive with Ben and Alex who had taken us out the previous afternoon. Saw many animals but the highlights were

• an elephant making several “mock charges” because we got too close to the group and then another chasing us down the road before a final trumpet warning/farewell.

• coming around a corner and braking hard to observe a young male lion in the grass beside the road. He seemed disinterested but watched us closely.

• the boys heard (mobile phone) that lions were on a kill in a sand river where we weren’t supposed to go, so they, with several other vehicles risked being caught by the rangers to take us there.

• a high speed trip, where conditions permitted, to get on 2 cheetahs that were stalking impala. Several vehicles were on site and cheetah hard to see (distance and cover) but for some reason they gave up the stalk and crossed in front of our vehicle and out onto sand river – wonderful photo opportunity. Ben said we were extremely lucky as they quite often go weeks without seeing cheetah. They continued their stalk closer to the impala, however their final strike was thwarted by a flock of roosting guinea fowl. Nature can be cruel!

All this before lunch which we enjoyed overlooking a permanent water spring.

On our return to camp around 4 Bob had to remove a lizard from the bathroom to allow Annie to shower and then off for a few pre-sundowners in the lounge where we watched a hippo grazing on the far bank of the river. Dinner with half a bottle of Pinotage and bed at 9:15. More photos from today on the next link . . .

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