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River Po from bike trail with Alps in the background

Superga Basillica

Dome ( interior view) of Superga

Torino from Superga balcony

The white stuff isn't all cheese, some of it is bacon (aka...

My half marathon was this morning at 830 and thankfully it was not nearly as hot as it has been since we arrived.

My time was around 2 hr 14 min, depending if you look at "gun time" or chip time. If you are at the back of the crowd when the starting gun is fired, it could be several minutes before you actually pass the start line.

I wish I could have been faster, but I really did not do much training in preparation, so that is that.

While I was in the run, Brian's team was playing in the bronze medal match. It was a scoreless tie after regulation time, so the game was decided by a shoot- out. Unfortunately , the other team won.

After some well deserved time at our hotel spa, we had a short rest and then took a long bike ride along the river.

Next we caught a bus and "funicular" style tram up to a church called Superga ( funny name if you ask me). The setting is very high above the city, so there are beautiful views. Today although the sky appeared very clear in town, there was some haze over the hills and mountains, which you can see in one of the pics.

We went out for a lovely supper with one of the other soccer couples. Many are leaving tomorrow, but we are here until Monday morning. No specific plans yet for Sunday.

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