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It felt cool enough that we didn’t want to get out of that warm, comfortable, bed this morning. However, nature calling was convincing and by 6:30 we were outdoors sitting beside the campfire.

We wore sweatshirts and long pants, sat close to the fire, and sipped steaming hot coffee, in an attempt to stay warm.

Jeff walked over to say Good Morning, then Jan joined us, followed by her husband, Eddie. Nan also walked over to visit for a few minutes.

These are all nice people and it is nice to spend time visiting with them.

Jeff, Roland, and Eddie were soon headed off to a golf course, so our little group broke up.

I had a sudden urge for some good huevos rancheros, and Marilyn thought breakfast at Michelle’s might be a good idea.

I noticed Marian sitting outdoors and it didn’t take much arm twisting to convince her and Mike that they should join us.

About 10 minutes later, we were on our way to Penrose.

We enjoyed our time with these good friends and a very tasty breakfast, but soon found ourselves back at the resort.

A phone call to our daughter Jennifer was next on our unplanned agenda. We even talked with the grandkids and that made us even more anxious to get back to Missouri to see the family.

Speaking of that, we have decided to leave here on Tuesday, September 3rd, spend one night in Oakley, and a couple of nights in Topeka, Kansas, before going on to Hannibal, Missouri, where we will remain until October 13th.

Then we’ll be back on the road again, rolling toward Texas for the winter.

So goes the life of a full time RV couple.

This afternoon, I drove to the airport to pick up our friend, Ken, who was returning from a “work related” trip. The flight went fine according to Ken, and he arrived on time here in the Springs.

Back at the RV, I lit the grill and put on a couple of pork patties, then added BBQ sauce. They were tasty served with the side dishes and dinner was soon complete.

We settled down to watch some TV and simply relax.

So another day comes gently to a close.

More fun tomorrow!

Life is Good!

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