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Big Blue and a borrowed bus coming to pick us all up

The Trimpes and Mary Hazlett hiding her face

Charlie Minor

Our Table

Donna and Richard in front

Hazletts, Trimpes and the Jacobs

Jean and Bill Snyder

Donna and Richard

Betty and Rex Humke


Double Decker performing

Edna and Ron Odendahl

JD Murray

Scott and Kathy Maynard cutting a rug

Nora and Charlie Minor

Chuck & Sandy

The Jacobs

Larry and Cathy Chapin, Park Managers


Bobby DuWop

Bobby singing to Mary

Lee and I shared this Shake

Lynn and JD

Double Decker performing

Elvis is in the building

Me and Elvis

Al & Miriam

Gerald & Janet Handlos

Richard & Donna

Bill & Jean

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No Beer Polka

(MP4 - 2.53 MB)

Take Good Care

(MP4 - 3.32 MB)

Jail House Rock

The first Winter Ranch bus trip to Ol'D's was such a success that a whole bunch of people wanted to go again and people that hadn't gone wanted to go the next time. Our Activity Directors managed to get a date for it and even obtained a second bus. So we ended up with over 100 people heading to Ol'D's. We packed the place.

The owner of the place was late getting there and part of his staff was working at a rodeo that was in town so it made the service really slow and, to top it off, we couldn't order off the menu unless we wanted to wait eons for our food. Some people did that anyway but they did wait eons! The owner's Mother, who is the other part of the Double Decker entertainment was running around like a chicken with her head cut off. I was afraid she would have a heart attack! Finally, though the owner showed up and the entertainment started and things go much better. I did want to try one of their hamburgers and so did Lee but we will probably come again.

I doubt that we will ever take two buses again because it was just too crowded and too much for them to handle even though they knew we were coming.

However, once everyone had their food, the moods improved and the dancing and the entertainment started. We all had a great time after that and we were again glad we went.

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