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Reminds me of Mexico!

More lovely buildings

Like most everyone else who was up too late and ate too late, we slept in a bit so by the time I had a bit of a run And we finished breakfast it was very close to lunchtime.

We had thought we might go out of the city to see some countryside, but decided to save that for another day.

We heard that some others from our Saskatoon group had gone on a bicycle tour of major sights of Torino so we checked that out. Unfortunately, it is very expensive unless you can round up a very large group of friends to go with you.

We cycled over to a large outdoor market with everything you could imagine for sale for a cheap price. We only bought some sunscreen - no Italian leather shoes!

We cycled thru Parco Valentino near our hotel and had a late lunch/early supper of typical Torino area food.

Brian's last soccer game of their round robin was this evening, against a team from Australia. We lost, but due to the other results, Brian's team ended up in a 3 way tie for first place. So they start play-offs on Friday morning.

Every soccer game ends with a rather lengthy debriefing over several beers, so it is usually a four hour event, including travel time to and from the hotel!

This evening, the socializing carried on for a few more hours in the room of one of the players.

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