Shirley and Brian European Adventure 2013 travel blog

I think Brian is in this pic of the soccer pitch

Torino monument, there is one 'round every corner

Torino church, also one every block or so

Another great breakfast at the hotel! Then off to watch the guys soccer game which is against a Calgary team and they hang on to win 1 to 0. Our registration fees include the use of all public transport within Torino which is great and the information package gives us the bus route and stop name that gets us closest to each venue, so we have not used a taxi yet!

We are also doing a lot of walking and cycling. Too much cycling, in fact. Today our pass cards for the Torino city Bike share stopped working. Investigation showed that we had exceeded the max daily use. We walked to their office, paid our "overuse" fine And put an extra chunk of money down against any future overuse.

We also shopped for new shoes for Brian- new squash shoes. And boy are they nice! I want to get some great looking Italian leather shoes too!

I think we must have eaten lunch and/or supper somewhere, but with all we eat at breakfast, we are often skipping a few other meals.

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