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Roca Vela and the passages between the islands

Sign on the beach at Puerto Refugio

Interesting view of the beach and valley

Tao Min at anchor

A moth came to visit one night

We left for Puerto Refugio, on the north end of Isla Angel de la Guarda, on 7/29. For whatever reason, even though there was very little wind, we had a very steep and annoying swell out of the SE, which hit us on the beam. It was a less than pleasant 27 nautical mile journey, at least until we rounded Roca Vela, to say the least.

The approach to Puerto Refugio is somewhat tricky, but we had good directions from two of our resources. We had to round Roca Vela (see picture), head towards one gap between islands keeping Roca Blanca in sight, then turn left through another gap between Isla Mejia and a smaller islet. This was to avoid some reefs that you could not see at a higher tide, which is when we were going through. We followed the directions and got through, no problem.

We anchored in the East Bay, West Bight (there are several anchorage choices). That one seems the most protected and is the favorite of several people in our guide books. We had the entire place to ourselves, other than some camping groups on Isla Mejia (which we cannot see from the anchorage) and a charter fishing boat the next bight over for one night and morning.

It was too hot for hikes on the island, so we spent our time beachcombing, snorkeling, and exploring by dinghy. We found fishing here a challenge, with lots of trigger fish, which we didn't want, being most of what we caught. Kevin FINALLY caught a barracuda our last night. Cathie was skeptical, but he had eaten if before in Jamaica many years ago. Well, Cathie was proven wrong -- it has very good white meat. We won't hesitate to eat one again! Just watch out for the teeth!!

This is likely to be our furthest north point in the Golfo de California this summer.

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