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As we sat beside the fire pit, Mike & Marian walked up to have coffee with us this morning.

We always enjoy our visits with these fine friends.

We didn’t see Jesse or Ginger but did see neighbors, Jeff, Nan and Roland sitting outside. Later, I walked down to say hello to them.

We had to hurry a bit to get some morning chores finished so that we could head out for the Mall. (Can you see the grimace on my face?)

Marilyn has been wanting to purchase a bathing suit so today was the day.

She came home happy and I came home with a skinnier wallet.

Of course I did find a new pair of walking shoes, and made a deal with AT&T for a Mi-Fi so that we will have internet service any time we have a cell phone signal. That will come in handy for sure in this lifestyle.

I put some boneless pork loin on the grill after using a Maple Jalapeno rub on it, adding some freshly ground black pepper, then adding the Blues Hog BBQ Sauce when the pieces were nearly done.

I took a couple of pieces down to Jeff & Nan to see if they liked it and they did, so I also gave them a small jar of the BBQ Sauce.

Ginger walked up and invited us down to their place for cocktails at 3:30, right after I had invited Jeff, Nan, and Roland to come on over for a cold drink around 4:00, so Ginger was kind enough to include the new friends in their happy hour.

The regular afternoon rain shower and thunderstorm has us all trying to fit the events in so that we don’t get rained out.

Marilyn had time to sit in the screened room and read from her Kindle, for a little while before we walked down to Jesse & Ginger‘s Site.

We played musical chairs when the rain began, as we moved chairs around to stay under the awnings.

It was around 5:30 when the rain began again. This happened as we all headed back home for the evening.

Marilyn & I fixed a bite to eat and settled down to watch some TV before getting another good night of sleep.

The rain continues as I wrote this blog.

No matter because we can say for sure that Life is Good!

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