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Opening Ceremonies crowds

Looking back at the rear of the Athletes Parade

The WMG flame (just like the Olympics)

No run for me this morning since I am saving my energy for the 10k tomorrow.

I have lost track of what we did for most of the day, but I recall I did spend a bit of time in the pool and I'm sure that we must have done some bike riding.

Assembling for the Opening Ceremonies began around 4:00 and was a rather hot and long drawn out process. The soccer crew made the best of it by checking out the beverages at all the pubs in the vicinity while they were waiting. Those of us in the running events were not quite so well hydrated.

The actual march to the Ceremonies Piazza was awesome with over 15000 participants all waving the flags of their home country as well as the WMG flags. The street was lined with Torino residents and other supporters cheering us on! I should have taken my iPad to take some video, but I didn't think of it until I saw others filming the event. Sorry!

I went back to the hotel a bit earlier than most of the crowd so that I could get a good night's rest.

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