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Beer by the river

Same start to the day as yesterday! But a slightly different running route. It is about 0.5 km from our hotel to the trails along the River Po so that's where I go. Lots of people out for morning walks, especially those with dogs.

Did a bit more cycling early in the day.Brian continued on his own to check out the soccer venue and I checked out the spa area of the hotel.It is commercial business, but the pool, hot tub, sauna, etc are available free of charge to hotel guests. It is a very well kept and relaxing place to hang out. I then wandered the streets looking for a bank machine that would accept my debit card, a good chocolate shop, and an inexpensive shoe store. Unfortunately, I couldn't locate any of these. Later that day, a few of us women took the bus/tram to the soccer field to watch the guys' game. It was a good game with no scoring until the last few minutes when the other team scored.

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