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Ta Da! We finished the wine tour Friday by visiting Whiskey Run Creek in Brownville and Schilling Bridge in Pawnee City. We visited all 32 wineries and tasting rooms on this year's wine tour. It's really fun to visit with the winery folks, etc. every year. This year, there were even new wineries and tasting rooms to visit, so that added to the fun. Now, we are spending our last weekend in Nebraska before we move on to Kansas and start heading south. Thankfully, we are a lot earlier leaving this year, so hopefully we won't have to try and outrun the cold weather as it moves south. We expect to arrive in Buckeye AZ in October. Meanwhile, we are enjoying Pawnee City's little park/campground. The pond has fish in it and there always seems to be someone wetting a worm to see if they can catch one. Roger took advantage of this stop to wash and wax the camper. Of course, predictably, it started raining this morning and kept at it for 4 or 5 hours. I swear, every time Rog washes the truck, camper, etc., the rains come. He'd be the guy I'd call if I wanted to end a drought! Tomorrow we move on to Kansas. Have to be in Chanute by the 12th to have some work done on the camper, then we're free to go where we want to. More next time..........................

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