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Here is a pictures of Chance. He wouldn't look at me as...

More little yellow finches. This one kept attacking himself in the mirror...

He also sat on the wiper arm and picked the bugs off...

I wrote about the first part of the week on our trip here - so here is the rest of the week.

Thursday: We really like our spot. We are right across the road from the flush toilets and the nice hot showers. This will be an “easy on the tanks” campground.

Ron picked up a paper in the office when he checked us in yesterday. Of course, there was a grocery sale paper in it (he loves those), so we will be checking out the grocery stores today.

We were going to go back to Hazen, but there is about 14 miles of road construction there. Our new neighbors said that there was no road construction the other way and we will also be able to scope out our exit route for when we leave here.

So we headed for Washburn. It wasn't as close as they said, but it is a pretty little town. The grocery store was well stocked and we were able to get what we wanted. The road (US 83) looks pretty good – divided highway so we can go our speed and let the trucks do theirs.

Came home and Ron cooked some really yummy hamburgers and corn on the cob.

Friday: Had a fun day watching all the weekenders come in. Looks like some don't like to pay and just park. Ranger kicked a couple of them out of here.

Our neighbors next door have a big, ole yellow lab named Chance. Just like Sara's Chance except the wrong color. Husband there says he is a great pheasant dog. He is really a love. If we could get one like that, it would really be great.

Rained most of the night – good for us but not the tenters. But the boats were on their way out, even in the rain this morning.

The weather turned sunny in the afternoon and we sat out and carved a bit. But there is some little bug in the grass that bites like crazy. I have welts all over my ankles.

Saturday: Lots of smoke, lots of kids on bikes but they are having fun. It is cool enough for us to have our windows shut so we don't get much of the noise.

Since we came on Wednesday our stay is until next Tuesday. I think we will extend it thru next Sunday night. That will get us back on our Monday thru Sunday night schedule that we had before. At least that's the plan today – we will see what tomorrow brings.

Anyway that is the way our lives have been going. Hope you and yours are well and happy. ENJOY!!

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