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OK, so here is the story.

When I washed up this morning, I noticed that we had a new soap dispenser on the bathroom sink. It was bright red in color, which matches the new color scheme in our bathroom. Marilyn recently changed the bathroom décor from brown to burgundy, and evidently that is why we now have a red hand soap dispenser.

My issue today has nothing to do with color, but do you know what the scent is of soap in these decorative dispensers?

The one in our bathroom smells like pomegranate and mango!

So when a man washes his hands, he comes away smelling like fruit!

We also have a hand soap dispenser next to the kitchen sink.

That one smells like coconut and warm ginger!

Thankfully, I have one in the shower that smells like soap!

Irish Spring! Now that is what soap should smell like!

After washing up this morning, I was compelled to go outdoors and build a campfire. Soon I smelled like smoke! That’s better!

Now I will take a shower before we head off to our fun adventure tonight. The Iron Springs Chateau Melodrama Dinner Theater is our destination for the evening, and I’ll write about that experience tomorrow.

At least I’ll smell like soap after my shower!

Oh Oh, I suddenly remembered the shampoo.

I had to go check on that and guess what! It smells like apricots!

I’m just curious about this. Do any of you guys ever wonder about this?

Why can’t soap smell like soap? What is wrong with the smell of soap? Must we smell like fruit? Doesn’t that attract flies or mosquitoes or even ants? Maybe even Bears here in the mountains!

Would I cuddle with my wife any less if she smelled like soap instead of like a fruit basket?

There is so much about our modern life that I ponder but don’t understand. Sigh……

I guess I’ll just hang it up for today, and go take a shower and get ready for our evening out. My body will smell like Irish Spring but my head will have the aroma of apricots.

Life is Good!

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