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Carpe at Mahlon Dickerson County Park

Heading to New Jersey
As seen thru a very buggy windshield

Lunch at a rest stop west of Stroudsburg, PA

Crossing the Delaware

After four miles of narrow & winding road...

Topping up Carpe's potable water tank

Niece Avra looking lovely as always

Grand niece Esther with proud pop David

Grand niece Leah chows down

Bub undertakes a Cluck U sandwich

And Sandi Cluck U's wings

We visited Dickie Dee's
A Newark landmark that serves awesome pups

Nephew Dominick's Dickie Dee sandwich

Dominick is one "happy camper"

Niece Danit was our hostess at their home

The siblings enjoy dinner at Jefferson Diner
L-R: Us, Meyer & Sue Rosenthal,...

Wed, 31 Jul: The last day of a marathon three day road trek. The Clarion, PA Wal*Mart was pretty noisy so we awoke around daybreak. Rather than lie in bed we elected to get up and at 'em.

A quick breakfast and then a run thru the checklist. We rolled wheels a few minutes before seven and were heading east on I 80 in no time at all. We were very close to I 80, which probably explains the noise.

As we continued east we noticed an increase in traffic. The number of trucks on the road was astonishing. One would think we were in boom times as there is one heck of a lot of goods moving around the country.

There were quite a number of construction projects on I 80 thru Pennsylvania. Thankfully, none of them slowed us down and there were no backups or delays. We also noted considerable law enforcement along I 80. Probably more "bears" either lurking in turnouts, near overpasses, or with someone pulled over. Since we aren't speeders we didn't particularly worry about all the activity. In fact, it resulted in most of the truckers acting like adults and certainly enhanced the entertainment factor on the CB.

We crossed into New Jersey at the Delaware Water Gap about one. We continued east on I 80 to NJ 15 which we took north for six miles. We then took a local road another five miles to the Mahlon Dickerson County Park. The road is very windy with many trees that wanted to grab our antennas. Bob performed a slalom course to keep away from them.

We arrived at Mahlon Dickerson just before two. Our day's run was 292 miles with an overall fuel economy of 8½ mpg. We feel that was very good given the hilly terrain of Pennsylvania.

Once in the park we dumped our holding tanks and then shoehorned Carpe into her space for the next two weeks. It is a tight space, but once in we have ample room and are far enough from our neighbors to prevent noise other disturbances. The space is very heavily forested so we do not have any satellite television and even our solar panels are outputting a rather anemic amount of current. We do, however, have 50 amperes of electricity so we turned on the electric battery charger which more than makes up for the dim lite.

We're here to visit with Sandi's family and our NJ friends. Our plans are to stick around till mid-August and then head back west.

Tue, 13 Aug: As predicted, it has been a very, very busy time. Sandi's family went all out to keep us busy and well fed. We'll try to catch up on our busy schedule since the last post...

From the onset we didn't go hungry. As a matter of fact, we have not eaten dinner at home since our arrival in late July. Some highlights:

  • 31 Jul: We dined with Sandi's sis Nancy & bro-in-law Shel at the Jefferson Diner
  • 01 Aug: Rained all day. Sandi's bro Meyer & bride Sue brought Chinese takeout to the coach. Is that true sibling love or what???
  • 02 Aug: We did laundry & some shopping, then dinner at Nancy & Shel's
  • 03 Aug: Met siblings for dinner at Morristown Italina restaurant (Portofinos). Mmmmm
  • 04 Aug: Family BBQ at Nancy & Shel's. Lost count of nieces, nephews, grand nieces, & grand nephews, but there was a crowd...
  • 05 Aug: Lunch at Cluck U in Randolph and then dinner again with Nancy & Shel
  • 06 Aug: Lunch with RVing friends Mary Jane & Frank Peloso at their nearby lovely home followed by dinner with Nancy & Shel
  • 07 Aug: Dinner with Meyer & Sue at their home
  • 08 Aug: Dinner at nephew & niece Norman & Danit in their new home
  • 09 Aug: Dinner at Meyer & Sues
  • 10 Aug: Dinner at Meyer & Sues... To spare Sue another meal prep we got Chinese takeout
  • 11 Aug: We stopped at the Texas Smoke BBQ on NJ 15 for lunch. It was awesome. Then on to another family BBQ, this time at Meyer & Sues. Another crowd of "kinfolk" covering four generations (and Sandi is the oldest...)
  • 12 Aug: Lunch in Morristown with Meyer, Sue, Norman, & Danit to celebrate Norman's 43d birthday. Then dinner with all the siblings at the Jefferson Diner in Jefferson Township.

    Which brings us to today. It is a very rainy and dreary day so we have not yet ventured outside our snug house. The county park in which we are staying is heavily wooded so we are sitting here as this is written (1114) with all the interior lites on so we can see the keyboards of our computer. We are unsure what'll happen tonite, but we may just have to start eating our way thru all the leftovers we've accumulated.

    Wed, 14 Aug: Another very busy few days. We had dinner at Meyer & Sue's last evening. It rained while we were there and driving back was a bit of a hassle. Our ancient eyes don't do "nite driving" very well, and with wet blacktop it was a bit more "exciting". We made it with no problems...

    This morning we did our laundry so we have a coach full of clean duds, sheets, etc. Then a stop to stock up on bourbon at NJ's "better than most states" prices. Lunch at Chez Costco and top off the larder shopping.

    Dinner at Nancy & Shel's with guest Renee Sachs. Renee has been a friend of Nancys since high school and they've stayed in touch. Renee just had to see our coach so following dessert and cleanup we caravanned back to the county park for "show and tell".

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