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Welcome to North Dakota

This is what you call Tempory Housing.

Or you can camp in a farmer's yard.

Taking reservations when it isn't even done.

The hill into TR National Park

Tuesday: We started out this morning with high hopes. I had called a tire place in Wolf Point, about 50 miles away and they said they would fix the tire.

First we needed to get gas – so we stopped at the Coop in Nashua, MT, about 10 miles from the park. As we pulled up, I saw that there were tires in their work bay. So as Ron gassed up the rig, I talked to the man and asked if they fixed tires. They did and he almost ran over me to get it out of the pickup. Service with a smile!!! Well, it wasn't the valve stem as we thought, it was a big, old nail in the middle of the tire. But after he fixed it, he put a new valve stem and core in anyway.

While he was doing this, a young man jacked up the pickup - right where we were at the pumps and took off the toy tire. He asked if we wanted it in the bed of the pickup or underneath where it belonged. Since space is a premium, we asked that he put it underneath, which he did altho the gravel parking lot was wet from the rain the night before.

The tire, now fixed, was put on the pickup and he checked the other three tires, tightened the valve core and added air as needed. Ron went around and removed and replaced the Pressure Pro sensors. Lo and behold, the sensor on the front tire of the pickup now works!! We haven't been able to get that thing to work for over a year. (That's why I didn't know it was low on Monday.)

So with a full tank of gas and all tires sensing – we headed down the road.

Then we hit Williston, ND.

We had heard about the boom in North Dakota. Oil, gas, coal – who knows what else they are taking out of the ground up there. But it is what is above the ground. Trucks, trucks and more trucks. Hiways under construction. Huge RV parking lot camping. It is a mess.

We had planned to stay at one of my RV Overnight Stays – but we knew it would be full of construction workers. It was just too close to Williston. As we turned to head for it – there it was – a big sign that said, “Roosevelt National Park North Unit – 56 miles”. Well it was only 1:30 and we headed south – out of the traffic – out of the construction – out of the chaos.

We had no hookups – not a problem we have the solar panels and a full tank of fresh water. We had no Verizon signal – that's a problem – I want to stay connected. But we found a spot for one night and tucked in and slept well. Now we will head a whole different route for the same COE park at Lake Sacajawea for at least another week of pretty lake and big trees.

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