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Monday: It has been an interesting two days to get from Fort Peck Lake to Lake Sacajawea.

Here is my journal from Monday night:

Well - here we are back at our site and 3 hours later from our start. As we left the park, the park host called my attention to the front driver's tire and said it looked low. (of course this is the tire that the pressure pro sensor never seems to work) DH was already at the dump site so I followed him and we dumped the waste tanks and filled up with good water.

DH's air compressor wouldn't work so we drove back to the campground. Borrowed theirs but the valve stem wouldn't let any air in the tire.

We called our roadside service and have spent about 2 hours waiting for them to find someone who will fix the tire. They finally said they would have someone at 8 am tomorrow. (Glad we are not sitting along the road somewhere.)

The camp hosts gave us back our campsite for one more night and we locked up the pickup at the parking lot at the entrance.

As we were walking to our rig, road service called and said someone could come out after 5 pm tonight. I'm glad of that as I would rather have the pickup parked with us AND we can get an early start tomorrow.

So we drove maybe 2 miles and we are back where we started. But I'm sure glad that camp host saw the tire as we would have be in the boonies of ND when it blew. God winks again.

After 5 the guy from the tire service called – with his teenage boys and two Skidoos – to change the tire. Well he changed it – but the spare was flat – did he have a compressor, no, of course not. So he called his buddy – he had an air tank, but when they got there the tank didn't have any air.

The camphost came over and tried to fill the spare with his little compressor but didn't get much air back in it. Finally the friend came back and had some air in the tank to fill the spare so we could drive on it.

So about 9 hours after we discovered the flat – we can finally travel on it. The campground hosts deserve a bit thank you for 1.) trying to help us fill the tire (twice) and 2.) letting us stay even tho we had already beeb there our 14 days.

Hope we get out of here tomorrow. Stay tuned.

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