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87 yr old Kay Peterson, founder of Escapees RV Club

Volunteer driver, Larry the lead-foot

Star spangled Gidget, the star of the Pet Parade

Hot Diggity Dog

Dressed alike

Little princess

Bull rider

Handsome little Harley dude

Party Girls

Patriotic Shih Tzu

Which one of these is not the same?

Denise & Bill from Banning, CA

Barb & Steve from upstate New York

Peggy & Tom from Florida

and yours truly, enjoying our banquet

Thunderstorm about to hit us after the banquet

The sky blackened & squeezed out our otherwise brilliant sunset

Let the fireworks begin

This was spectacular

Multiples exploding one after the other

This went on for more than 30 minutes


The wind was blowing hard trying to disburse the fireworks

Un-named bronze man in front of the police station

Pretty WalMart in Gillette

For those of you who don't know, The Escapees RV Club was founded on July 4, 1978, by Joe and Kay Peterson to help people enjoy full-time RVing. It was started through Kay's column in Woodall's Trailer Travel magazine. Those who initially joined the club were immediately asked to suggest a name for the club. The name Escapees was chosen because it signifies escaping from the conventional lifestyle to a more adventurous one. Escapees is a total support network that supports all our traveling needs.

We joined in 2005 before we sold our house, so that we could use their mail forwarding service, and we officially became residents of Texas.

Escapades are rallies or educational events that help you get the most value, fun, and adventure out of your RV investment. In addition to picking up great RVing tips, the seminars are packed with information about the nuts and bolts of RVing.

We had a great week of learning and making new friends and also enjoying the local Elks Lodge in the evenings. Some of the lectures we attended together, but mostly apart because there were so many interesting ones.

Cheryl enjoyed the lectures by "Geeks on Tour", a full timing couple that once owned a Computer Training School and now take it on the road and online. They had so many tips about computers, smart phones, blogging, photography - everything technical. Larry attended ones involving maintenance, safety, travel destinations and Veterans benefits.

Most of the lecturers also had booths in the Vendor Hall and we managed to spend a little money there after learning about the products in the lectures. One woman lectured on cleaning the outside and inside of your rig with her microfiber cloths (with different textures) with simple products like rubbing alcohol, vinegar, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda. Forget all the cleaning products on the market shelves, you just need huge Costco sized containers of these simple products.

Cheryl entered Gidget in the 4th of July Pet Parade and decked her out in Red, White & Blue Stars & red bows. She behaved pretty well being around all the other dogs (since she normally avoids dogs). There were some pretty cute dressed up dogs, no prizes, just a parade.

Larry signed up at the Volunteer Booth to be "on call" if they needed drivers for the golf carts that carried us back and forth between the assembly halls and our campsites. He was called on one morning shift for 4 hours and the night of our Banquet, but only just before and afterwards, so he could attend.

The last evening was a nice Western BBQ Banquet and we met up with Barb & Steve again (also met with them several times during the week). Joining our table was Bill & Denise from Banning, CA and another couple new to us, Tom & Peggy from Florida who had just traded their 5th wheel & truck in today for a new Motorhome from Paul Evert's RV Sales that were one of the vendors out front.

The stats for the week were announced:

There were 586 Rigs with 1,198 people in attendance. And with all the charitable events and do-nut sales there was $12,358 collected for their CARE unit in Livingston, Texas.

Visit this link to learn about Escapees CARE.

As the evening was concluding with some entertainment another T-storm hit. We left early to get back to the rigs before getting soaked. The rain subsided a little until just before the Cam-Plex began their 4th of July Fireworks show for the city. We were going to sit outside with friends to watch, but that wasn't going to happen with the wind and rain, so we stayed inside with a great view of the display from our dining window. We were so glad that we had an end campsite with an unobstructed view.

Next morning while running errands I saw a bronze man sitting on a bench outside the Police Dept. He looked like a pioneer, no plaque saying who it might be, maybe Lewis or Clark?

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