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Casper to Gillette

Cattle gathering near the well

Sandstone worn to spires

Others worn of square

Oil drilling production

Herds of sheep

Look - our first antelope (pronghorn)

More oil pumps

A female Pronghorn

Herd of Bison on the plains

A small group of Pronghorn (male & 2 females)

Male Pronghorn, beautiful markings

Field a yellow in front of a butte

The looks like a cinder cone

Homes on the outskirts of Gillette

Welcome to Gillette

Our first track homes in weeks

Our end spot campsite

Gillette Elks

Their new (small) building

Happy Hour with Barb & Steve McIntyre

We had a very scenic drive today to Gillette filled with "Antelope" (Pronghorn) & Bison on the plains and cattle ranches. The Pronghorn were plentiful, but often hidden in the tall grass or sitting down. It was a challenge getting the photos that I did. Larry helped in spotting them and several times had to slow down for me to catch a photo of them. Coming across the herd of Bison was also an unexpected delight.

We crossed the Continental Divide, and saw some interesting rock formations worn down to spires and squared off. After that it was mostly rolling hills.

When we arrived in Gillette and followed the directions to our camping area at the Cam-Plex, we were lucky to get an end spot with nice grass with our full hook ups. It was a little breezy but sunny as we set up and met some of our neighbors. We paid for coming in one day early and we saw that many others had also.

We had lunch in our rig and emailed Barbara (that we had met in Coeur d'Alene) and then planned to meet Barb & Steve at the Gillette Elks, which was just a half mile away across the street from the Cam-Plex. We had a great time with Barb & Steve and the ER and his wife. We had been told about them at the Casper Lodge, that they are young and a lot of fun. This is a fairly new lodge with young members, and this was a new building for them, small but adequate.

We asked about John Wayne and he arrived shortly thereafter. Since there was going to be so many visiting Elks in the area (across the street), they agreed to open the lodge on Tuesday (normally closed) and to serve a light dinner prepared by the E.R.'s lovely wife.

Later in the warm evening we walked around our campground.

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