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Rock Springs to Casper, scenic route

Desert & Buttes

Funny sign - not a rest stop just a concrete picnic table

History of Sandy Crossing

Looked behind and saw the Rockies

South Pass is a history of Mormon Trail

Summit of South Pass 7,660' & Shoshone Nat'l Forest

Butte, forest & desert

Beaver Lodge in small river

Cresting the butte we are on

The summit

Beautiful road down from the summit

History of Oil & Native Americans

Shoshone territory

Wind River (Indians) Reservation Casino

Riverton holds Rendevous

Mural in Shoshoni

Guards over the highway

Beginning to see more evidence of oil industry

G-Ma's Diner - comfort food for lunch, Mills, WY

To our campground at Fort Casper on the Platt River

Crossing the Platt River

Platt River Valley and Casper

Welcome to Casper

Sculpture entitled: "20% Chance of Flurries"

Casper Elks Lodge's early 1920's building

Inside the Elks Lodge, friendly helpful people

We took the suggested scenic route around the Red Desert. There was some hilly areas around valleys, a lot of FLAT plains, a few ranches, fewer farms. Lots of wide open spaces.

We passed the first oil well drilled in WY in 1884 near Hudson, and I saw markings on the map that are the Washakie Trail. I was curious about this & looked it up. Chief Washakie had a very interesting life as I saw here.

He had many names during his life and several religious affiliations (Mormon & Episcopalian) and a long life, living to 102 even though his date of birth date was questionable. He was the first known Native American to receive a full military burial.

No place to stop for lunch until almost Casper, at "G-Ma's" in Mills. It had become chilly & it was a long drive and they had yummy comfort food. Then we pulled into Casper, crossed the Platt River and found our Fort Casper Campground which was full. Thank goodness I had called & reserved. Then we visited the Elks Lodge for dinner, drinks and fun people. The 25yr old E.R., Nate, suggested that we look up the 26 yr old E.R. in Gillette whose name is John Wayne III.

The city is full of history with Fort Casper and Old Platte River Bridge 1858-59. Also the site of Mormon Ferry which was built by Brigham young and used by Mormons in 1847.

Along our route we went through Riverton known as the Rendevous City and you can read about it here.

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