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Hatch to Rock Springs, WY

Sadly saying goodby to John & Karen

If you want to buy a lot by them here's the sales...

More horses in the area

Nice surprise, a hot air balloon taking off

Sage brush, cattle grazing & lovely mountains

Rugger rock formations

Provo River along Interstate 15

Courthouse 1903

Jordanelle Reservoir in Park City, UT

Rock "needles"

So many colors

More red buttes

Provo, UT

This looks like a castle

No warning - there suddenly was a waterfall

Larry wishes he were up in that glider (being towed up)

We wondered how this Giant Gargoyle got out here

Welcome to Wyoming

Huge flock of sheep grazing

Looking like sand dunes

Sage Brush & Sandstone Mountains

Highway goes through tall buttes

Expedition Island or Pilot Butte ??

When a sandstone mountain gets in the way, just tunnel through it.

View of big mountains and long long trains

Rock Springs Elks Lodge

Building information - historic

Beautiful, rich looking wood inside

Our fairgrounds campsite is like a corral

Wyoming sunset

Our drive today was very scenic as we traveled North on US 89 & Interstate 15. Our view was filled with red rocks. Then after we crossed into Wyoming there were formations like sand dunes (probably weather worn sandstone mountains), and rolling mounds of light colored rock. We passed the Continental Divide today, the eastern side.

We passed a sign for Expedition Island so had to check it out.

We stopped for lunch at Cracker Barrel just before Provo. Our stop for the night was at Sweetwater County Fairgrounds in Rock Springs. It was fenced like corrals with the utilities behind a fence and almost too far away. They probably get a lot of horse trailers and have to keep the horses away from the utility fixtures.

We went to visit the 1920's Elks Lodge in historic downtown. It was a three story brick in the style of the turn of the century. It was a quiet night in the lounge, just a few nice folks. They gave us a tour of the lodge and told us some of the history. When we told them we were headed to Casper and then Gillette, they told us a more scenic route to take tomorrow going to Casper instead of the Interstate.

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