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Cincinnati skyline

Welcome to Ohio...across the river in Cincinnati

Dayton skyline

More Dayton

Our campsite at Poor Farmer's

I wonder what they need more of?

I wouldn't want to live on this road

Woodcarvers get-together at the campground

Lots of Santa type characters...and cowboys

And lots of woodcarving books!

I guess 10 a.m. is about as early as we're ever going to be ready to leave. Tried to get off a little earlier today because we had, for us, a long-ish trip ahead of us but it just doesn't happen. When I checked tires this morning, I discovered the one front truck tire was 20 lbs lower than the other so Bob had to get the air pump out and bring that up to par. However, once we were on the road, we certainly had a nice sunny day for our travels which is always greatly appreciated. Another easy drive north on I-75, past the Kentucky Horse Park, through Cincinnati and Dayton, and over several rivers whose names we didn't get. Past Stinky Hollow Road, Needmore Road, and Ragtown Road. Spent 22 minutes at the rest area in Ohio for a restroom break and geocache. Lots of fluffy white clouds overhead and I got to airplanes tickle the clouds when they fly through them? Probably so and that's what makes the clouds laugh until they cry and that's what makes rain!! Neat, huh? Anyway, we finally got off I-75 at 2:00 p.m. onto U.S. 36 then east for about 6 miles past corn and soybean fields to Lost Creek-Shelby Road and the Poor Farmer's RV Park where we'll be while they replace our fender and do several other minor repairs on the Ti.

This is one huge (500+ lots) RV park and I imagine if it's full, the campsites are very close together but it wasn't which is nice. Plus there is a creek and trees that break the park into "sections" sort of. We've got a lovely view of mowed grass then a cornfield behind us and the nearest trailers on either side are about 100 feet away...almost like in a Corps of Engineers park. The only thing we have noticed is that there is a lot of golf cart traffic on the gravel roads in front of us. A lot of people are living here either for the entire summer or year round.

After we got set up, Bob and I walked over to the one building where they're having a Buckeye Woodcarver's Roundup for a couple of days. Wow!! Some of those carvings were absolutely fantastic!! I think I'd use up a lot of bandaids if I ever tried wood carving!


Didn't do too much during the day but, in the early evening, decided to go to the Shelby County Fair. Got lost on the way then stopped to ask directions and the gentleman led us right to it. Wasn't that nice of him? But it was all in vain, though, because when we got to the gate, admission was $9 each and, since we had forgotten to pick up additional cash on the way, we didn't have enough money with us. So much for the Shelby County Fair! I think that's a little steep for a fair anyway. Drove around town for awhile and saw some beautiful, HUGE houses. Unfortunately, Bob left the camera at home so didn't get any pics of those. Stopped at Bob Evans for dinner on the way home.


Bob didn't sound too enthusiastic when I suggested we go to the fair today so we just drove into Piqua to get some geocaches and see what that town is like. Nice little town...I could live here. Quiet, neighborly-like.


The fellow came down to install our new fender today and in the process found out we also lost the little "skirt" that goes between the fender and the slide. So back to the shop he went to fabricate one for us. He did a nice job although the colors sure don't match. Better than nothing, I guess.


Today was fair day! Not the one we DIDN'T go to but the Champaign County Fair that started today. This was the first day so we weren't expecting much but it turned out to be a very nice, well-organized fair. There was a shuttle to take you from the parking lot into the fairgrounds and there were shuttles you could get to take you from one spot to another while there. Of course, the first thing you do when you get to a fair is get some of the fair food which we both did then we moseyed our way through the cow, steer, sheep, goat, and horse barns. Ate. Through the veggie and flower displays. Ate. Sat and watched a little bit of the horse show (pole bending, more or less). Ate. Finally I walked all the way to the far side of the fairgrounds in search of a geocache but didn't find that. So trudged all the way back to where Bob was waiting for me. By now I am pooped and ready to head home. So hopped a shuttle and off we went to the truck and home. A very long yet very nice day.

Our next stop is Sandusky where we do our annual doctors' visits. We've been debating about whether to go to the Toledo Zoo or the Columbus Zoo. The Toledo Zoo is about an hour from Sandusky while the Columbus Zoo is about 2 hours but it's supposed to be a really nice zoo.

We finally decided on the Columbus Zoo so instead of having a long-ish drive to Sandusky, I found a campground in Butler, OH, about an hour from Columbus. Chip and Bonnie (brother & SIL) will come down with their pop-up and we'll have a nice little get-together and go to the Columbus Zoo. I like it when a plan comes together. :-)

Additional photos can be seen here.

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