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Our route to Hatch UT

North of Las Vegas

Nevada desert

Cutting thru the corner of Arizona

Entering the Virgin River Gorge

Amazing scenery

Virgin River Canyon

Different colors & textures



Welcome to Utah

Red Rock of Utah

Our view along Interstate 15

Taking the easy towing Highway 20


Surprisingly flat for 7,920'




A lot of horses in the area

Approaching John's house

Typical of the area, log siding homes


View from their dining room

Active bird feeder

Curious Red Finch watching me take his photo

Enjoying the shade of the back deck

John, Cheryl & Karen sharing the love

Screen shot of me at John's house, Google Earth style

When we started out in May we wanted to take this route through Utah to go to Wyoming, and stop by in Hatch UT between Zion & Bryce Canyon Nat'l Parks to visit Cheryl's 2nd cousin that she hadn't seen since about 1980. Things didn't work out then, but fell into place now.

So we drove up Interstate 15 and crossed over to US 89 above Hatch to avoid towing the grades. Our highway, UT-20, was easy and we thought fairly level but as we saw when we crested the summit it was 7,920'.

We parked our rig in front of their house and were greeted with warm, welcoming hugs from John & Karen. We had a wonderful visit, catching everyone up with the past dacades and sharing photos. They are very gracious hosts and we had a fun time.

They apologized for it being the hottest day of the year for them, yet their house was cool. We actually should have stayed in their house overnight, because with no electric it was very warm over night in the rig. We joked with them that next time we need 50 amp service.

After dinner we sat on their back deck with the view of the red rock mountains that are the back side of Bryce Canyon. It was so peaceful and lovely - and a far drive to anywhere, like if you run out of milk . . .

While we were on the deck, I had called my mother to let her chat with John, and my brother Jaime found me on Latitudes on his smart phone and texted me the screen shot of me at John's house - Google Earth style. Mother thought it was funny.

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