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We enjoyed breadfast in the resort cafe

Judy & Roger

Larry got to have a ride with Roger in his Viper that...

We began our day by having breakfast in the resort's pretty café. We met the General Manager, Jack, who we thought was just another employee. He was very gracious and willing to please. We told him we will definitely stay here again.

We also met a couple from Pottsville, PA (where our friends Andy & Diane are from) who have never been to the Yingling Bottling Tour that their town is famous for - America's oldest brewery. We walked around the park a little until it was getting too hot. I was supposed to have a reunion with a grammar school friend, Chris McVey, today but she called to cancel our visit because she got called into work as a chef at one of the casinos.

We relaxed until it was time to go to Judy & Roger's for the afternoon. They have a lovely home in the south west area of Las Vegas. Roger proudly showed off his prized possession, his bright red Viper, and asked if Larry wanted a ride - which caused a very big grin to form on Larry's face. Bye - see ya!

The boys went off for a ride while Judy & I chatted away. When the boys came back Larry said if he had one of those he would either be dead or in jail.

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