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Marywood Chapel

Patron Saint for Marywood and my father, St. Joseph

Quiet little chapel

Dad under the view of St. Joseph

George Thomas Queen 1926-2013

I need to digress a little.

When my father died and we started to check with our church, Holy Family of Orange, we did not know it but all the priests were on a retreat and the office manager at the rectory told my mother that the soonest she could reserve a Memorial Mass was into the new year, 2014. So our family could not have a Memorial Mass to send him off.

Holy Family Church has become the Orange County Cathedral, so they are extremely busy now, which added to the booking into 2014. Since we were dealing directly with the Crematorium they do not have a chapel, so we would have to rent a chapel from a mortuary. My parents have always been frugal and all these extra costs were overwhelming our mother.

One morning that first week, I was going over to Mother's to do some yard work and decided at the last minute as I exited the freeway, that I needed some gloves from the 99 cent store across the street. When I exited the store after my purchase, I recognized someone parked next to me. It was Peggy, a woman I meet with every Christmas for a meeting of girlfriends from grammar school. She is a close high school friend of one of my friends and part of this women's group. Actually her name is Sister Peggy or rather Sister Margaret and she works at Marywood in Orange, which is the home of the Diocese of Orange County. Once an education center, now the offices of the county.

Anyway, here I am talking to Peggy that I last saw in December and telling her that my father passed away and we cannot even get a Mass said for him and to have closure for the family. Her boss is the Bishop of Orange County (she's the one that told me all the priests were on Retreat) and she said she will see what she can do. By the way, she didn't know why she stopped at that particular 99 cent store, because she normally goes to a different one closer to work. We both felt there was a little Divine Intervention happening here.

Long story short, she contacted my mother and had arranged for a Mass of Intention (where the priest mentions the deceased in his prayers during the Mass) at the Marywood chapel.

We had already gone up to Silent Valley as Mother didn't need me any longer, so I drove down to attend the Mass. My mother was very pleased with the cozy chapel filled with some friends of her children and the regular attendees on the campus. The priest was very personable (they met before the Mass and became acquainted). The Chapel is dedicated to St. Joseph who was my father's confirmation name, and because both were carpenters, was appropriate. So even though this was a few weeks later, it was comforting to my mother.

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