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Story board, Celebration of George Queen's life

My brother captioned this photo - " Dad relaxing in his chair...

D.J. taking one last walk around his home of 48 years

Tortuga man showing us a Madagascar Tortoise

Oops! Love is in the air.

Other inhabitants of the Tortuga Villa

D.J. investigating his new digs.

One of the curious Giants

D.J. and his two girlfriends

Siblings out to dinner at Mama Cozza's

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D.J. - our tortoise

Yesterday our family said our final goodbyes to Dad at the Crematorium, in a chapel-like atmosphere. Then we went over to our Elks Lodge to hold a "Celebration of Life" on the patio. It was a lovely, sunny afternoon and the park-like atmosphere of the Elks Patio was pleasant. Mother was pleased to meet with neighbors and some friends, and to share stories and love with them without feeling overwhelmed. She’s not comfortable in large crowds, so this was perfect for her.

Today, per Dad’s request, Larry & I picked up our family tortoise, “D.J.” & took him to Tortuga Villa, the backyard of a man that has over 300 exotic tortoises. He does not keep California Desert Tortoises, but finds a good home for them without the red tape of getting the State involved. (It’s illegal to take them out of the desert).

Our tortoise walked into our front yard as a yearling in the Fall of 1965 and we named him D.J. from the TV show Laugh In where Sammy Davis Jr would be dressed as a judge and would say “here cum d’ judge” – thus d’judge = DJ.

We enjoyed seeing some of the exotic tortoises, especially the Madagascar Turtles with their high arched shell that was bright with yellow markings. You could tell that love was in the air, as there was a lot of mating going on. The Giant Tortoises had the run of the large part of his yard (also leaving lots of droppings) and were very curious when we came into the yard.

We found out later that Paul checked out DJ, saying he was very healthy and large for his age. He also said that he had had good nutrition all his life (which pleased my mother), and he went ahead and placed him with a woman that had two females about his size. My brother talked to the turtle man the next day and found out that DJ had finally lost his virginity at 49 years old. Like I said, love was in the air, and he was now with two new lady friends.

Marc & I helped mother out with some yard and housework and then later all us kids met for dinner @ Mama Cozza's Italian Restaurant.

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