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Thunderstorms passing overhead

Mama Killdeer drawing me away from her nest

Putting on her "wounded act" to get my attention

Four Killdeer eggs in the nest on the ground

Playing like she has a broken wing

Yes, another Thunderstorm coming

The employees at Jimmy John's make your sandwich FAST

We are enjoying the company of some of the Elks members and the other campers for a few days.

We had to spend a good amount of time inside due to the thunderstorms that passed through the area.

We walked a few mornings, and I was pleased that my Achilles was behaving pretty well for the 3 mile walks. We visited with a couple named Bart & Tiffany (with 2 small girls), sharing our travel photos of Alaska with them. We also met Barbara (another camper who was enjoying a ladies event in the lodge) who is also an Escapee like us. We exchanged contact information because they were also going to the Escapees Rally in Gillette, WY, and we agreed to meet up with her and Steve.

Avoiding more rain, running errands & working on our trip journal took up most of our time. We did go to visit another couple from Coeur d’Alene that we met down in Indio in the winter, friends of Mike & Connie. They gave us a tour in their golf cart of their housing community and golf course on a lake.

We enjoyed the antics of a mother Killdeer bird who had a nest with 4 eggs along the fence of the Elks property. Killdeer nest on the ground, especially if there is gravel around because the eggs look like the rocks. If you were walking near her nest, she would run quickly away from the nest calling out to get your attention. Then when she had you far enough away from the next, she would go into her “broken wing” act to draw you farther away from the nest.

One day we went for a sandwich at a chain restaurant called Jimmy John’s known for making your sandwich very fast. And yes, they are very fast.

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