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Reno, thru Susanville to Lakeview

Our highway winds around mountains

White Lake, Nevada alkaline dry lake

Welcome back to California

Mountains ahead

A valley of cattle

Rain heading our way

Likely, California

I wonder what created that long ridge?

Stopping in Alturas, CA

Pretty mural of mountains & sea birds

Don't forget the cowboys

Even the car dealer has a mural

Alturas Elks Lodge

Interesting layers of colors

Spooky looking rocks

White rock along the highway

More white rock & sand

Lovely farm below the mountains

Beautiful North Eastern California

This way to Goose Lake

Welcome to Oregon

Sage brush desert

Lakeview, OR - tallest town in Oregon

Land of farm equipment

Here is our camp at the fairgrounds

Entrance to Fairgrounds has the Tall Man

Lakeview Elks Lodge

Cheryl's Dad celebrating his 87th birthday at home

Today we left Reno and crossed back into California on Hwy 395. We were climbing and viewing wide open spaces with some ranches and cattle herds. We experienced some rain and a little hail in the afternoon.

We stopped for lunch in Alturas. I had seen photos of this area from a friend that used to live here and it is a lovely town. It has a western flair, with some murals and ranches & horses. It has an interesting Elks Lodge building that looked like an old California Mission.

This North Eastern corner of California is farmland, interesting rock formations with red and white rocks along the highway.

As we drove along the eastern edge of Goose Lake we crossed the border into Oregon and the landscape turned more desert-like with plenty of sage brush.

It was getting colder and ice collected on front of trailer after a hail storm. We finally had blue sky as we found the Lake County Fairgrounds and set up. It was an odd place, probably for horse campers since the parking area looked like horse stalls and the utilities (full hook ups) were between the fences that we had to climb over or through to hook up.

We went to visit the Lakeview Elks for drinks and to chat with the locals.

Back at home my father was celebrating his 87th birthday. He had a lot of candles on his cake, but not the full count.

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