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HI everyone,

Since I last wrote to you all Ive been on quite an adventure. After leaving Iguazu we headed north (17 hours on a bus) to Campo Grade which is on the edge of the Pantenal wetlands. From there it was a five hour journey along a small road, 2 hours along a dirt track and then another two hours through swamps etc to reach the camp site. It was literally in the middle of no where and to Dad~s chargrin had no mobile service.

The Pantenal is an amazing place with an immense amount of wildlife and the ability to survive there without outside help amazed us. Our guide knew the sounds of all the birds, showed us which fruits where edible and made us rope out of an aloe vera plant. We got to swim with Alligators and fish Pirahna which we when ate. Surprisingly delicious! I apparently am an amazing fisherwoman having caught six pirahna and a dog fish; so much so that I am considering taking up fishing on a sunday when I get home.

Sleeping in a hammock is surprisingly comfortable and we were all very sad to leave and wished we could stay there longer. However, we were absolutely filthy. It took us three days of scurbbing to get clean; Our toenails were a black embarassment and so, being Jewish Princesses we treated ourselves to pedicures!!

Our guide was a real life jungle book mogli called emmerson and we couldn~t imagine him outside the jungle. He wore no shoes or flip flops as we walked around and carried a butcher~s knife in his shorts. You can imagine our surprise when he asked us to check his e-mails for him when we got back to the city. He has not left the jungle for two months and was concerned they would stop working; there is clearly no getting away from the internet... the world really is getting smaller.


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