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View from my hotel window in Tours

Todays entry is all about food - no galleries today, no cathedrals, nothing but eating and drinking pleasure is occupying my mind.

My first night in Tours in France I decided that it was either speak really bad French or starve so I braved a small bistro that didn't look too intimidating. Bistro a Vin near the old quarter of town, like many French bistros, offers a menu de jour. These are a set price menu with entree, main and either fromage (cheese) or dessert. I ate grilled sardines with a lemon butter sauce, then another sort of fish (couldn't translate the type, but I think it was freshwater) also grilled with a leek sauce, potatoes and tomato. I had a local dry white and finished with the cheese, although it was a close thing as the peach tart looked divine. It was all cooked well and served plainly (the cheese was too cold though) and I enjoyed myself.

Today I found the local food market and didn't want to leave. I had decided to get supplies and eat lunch by the Loire River that runs through the centre of town. So I wandered the stalls first then dove into fresh raspberries, tomatoes on the vine, grapes, apricots, mousse de canard (duck liver pate), St Marcellin unpastuerised cow's milk cheese, olives, fresh crusty baguette and an apricot pie for later. Of course this is way too much food so when a young african-looking guy walked past and asked to share I was glad not to waste it. Jacob who is a 16yr old student tried hard to make conversation but even my phrasebook couldn't really help us. Never mind it was a nice encounter, even if I did have one eye on my bag the whole time.

You may notice I've uploaded my pics from Pamplona from a scanner today, not all of them, but all the ones that are clear enough for scanning.

Will write soon, Ange xxx

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